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Baigudin Software is a private project that was founded in 2013 year and represents own solutions for system and application programming. For today, we have represented software for microprocessor systems and web developments which do not depend on other solutions and are wholly implemented by our dynamically progressing project.

Our mission is to provide the high quality software solutions for developers of the world, and we have been exerting every effort for this goal. We fully follow the ideals of Open Source Initiative and suppose that it is the one way for achieving maximum progress for us, and for world developments.

The software solutions of the project are unique decisions which were implemented for deciding of our problems. We have unveiled those for the world and plan that it will be helpful for your projects too.


BOOS Core is an object-oriented core for small embedded systems. The core is written in C++ programming language and can be used into small microcontrollers with limited resources. BOOS Core has a hardware independent application program interface that allows to port user source codes easily if hardware environment is changed. The core object model is built with a root of a class hierarchy and gets the best sides of object-oriented approach.

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PHP DOM Builder

PHP DOM Builder is a library that generates a valid HTML document and operates it. The library provides easy software instruments for changing document type, finding tags by attributes and those values, and it also has methods for parsing web forms.

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