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Baigudin Software participates in OS DAY 2017 conference

The Baigudin Software Company has participated in OS DAY – a fourth scientific-practical conference, which aims to determine a mission of Russia in developing sphere of operating systems.

About the project

Baigudin Software is a project which represents own software solutions. The project specializes in developing solutions for embedded systems and web resources. Originally, it was started by Syntacs Web Technologies Company in 2010 as a base for implementing web solutions which have been successfully operating until today.

Sergey Baigudin, co-founded Syntacs Company, has founded Baigudin Software project. It was in 2013 as a program library in PHP language for generating valid HTML documents. In 2015, the project unveiled the object-oriented operating real-time operating system for embedded systems which was written in C++ programming language and included the best own solutions in hardware scope.

Nowadays, our project is dynamically progressing, and we offer complex solutions, which fully implemented by Baigudin Software project, for a programming community.

Our programming products are independent of any other solutions, and we use those in our designs and successfully test before using. Thus, we suggest high quality solutions for all developers.