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The object-oriented real-time operating system is written in C++ programming language for small embedded systems.

PHP DOM Builder

The library is written in PHP programming language for generating valid HTML documents and operating those.

BOOS Core is unveiled in second revision

BOOS Core Revision 2 has been successfully unveiled within the framework of Baigudin Software project. In comparison with the first revision, the second has gotten considerable improvements. It saves the best features of previous realization and gets the new logical continuation.

BOOS Core is released as version 2.1

Date: 2016.10.19

Baigudin Software project releases version 2.1 of the BOOS Core operating kernel. New release, which fully saves backwards-compatible manner with previous functionality, gets significant extensions, which is connected to the internal architecture of the kernel and user API.

ARM architecture with instruction set version 5 is supporting

The first important update is ARM architecture with ARMv5T instruction set supporting, which is drilled for the family of Texas Instruments AM18x microcontrollers. This update allows determining the cardinal ways of internal architecture core evolution for some future hardware.

Heap memory core algorithm is independent of any compilers

The second aspect, which is also important as another one in the article, was an aspect for minimizing an affect of some compilers to the internal core realization. Thus, an important component of this was a heap memory core algorithm functionality, particularly, size auto alignment of heap class to eight memory boundary. Various compilers, while these are being created the same objects, allocate different memory sizes for those objects. Therefore, this might become some results will not be multiple to eight when heap memory is being marked. Presently, the object for operating with heap adjusts self size while it is being created. So, it is fully independent of any compilers.

All interfaces inherit Object root interface

Essential feature of the core is that does not use any exceptions of C++ programming language and bases on controlling methods of objects state. In the release, all interfaces inherit Object root interface. Therefore, getting some interface, developers can analyze the basic feature of classes. This update allows to largely prescind form some system and user classes during development time and helps to be focused on interfaces.

Set of classes and interfaces is extended and hierarchically restructured

Perhaps, this paragraph might be described by many tiny aspects, which were implemented in the new release. These might be Collection and Iterable interfaces, which were added into some hierarchical trees of objects. Also, these might be Stack and Switcher classes, which were implemented for the library of utilities. The kernel TimerInterrupt class, which was hierarchically restructured, of course might be here too.

But the most important thing is that the BOOS Core operating kernel is dynamically progressing, simultaneously with the project!

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