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The real-time object-oriented operating kernel is written in C++ programming language for small embedded systems.

PHP DOM Builder

The library is written in PHP programming language for generating valid HTML documents and operating those.

BOOS Core for Texas Instruments TMS320C64x Digital Signal Processors family is released

Baigudin Software project has represented the BOOS Core operating kernel for TMS320C64x Digital Signal Processors family of Texas Instruments Company with single core.

BOOS Core for Texas Instruments AM18x ARM Microprocessors family is released

Date: 2016.11.02

The BOOS Core operating kernel by Baigudin Software project has been represented for AM18x Microprocessors family of Texas Instruments Company. Functionality of the new family has entirely saved features of other families, and user software can be easily ported to the new hardware architecture as usually.

The following list shows primary features of TI AM18x are:

  • 300 – 456 MHzRISC MPU.
  • ARM9E family.
  • ARMv5TEJ architecture.
  • ARM926EJ-S core.

The following list shows primary features of BOOS Core for TI AM18x family:

  • Is written in C++ programming language with ISO/IEC 14882:1998 standard.
  • ARMv5TE assembly instruction set.
  • Initializes processor units.
  • Initializes initialized data sections.
  • Calls constructors of global objects.
  • Uses an integrated heap memory manager for allocating objects and resources of the system.
  • Controls allocated resources.
  • Has flexible configuration for configuring the kernel.
  • Is independent of any external libraries.

Designing BOOS Core for the new family, we have been concentrating our attention to internal system algorithms and maximum separated common functionality of the kernel and functionality of specific hardware architecture. Internal extended programming interfaces, which define an access to a level of specific chip, hardware accessing abstract objects, and processor architecture environment initializing objects have been implemented, and memory maps of all implemented families have been described as well.

Thus, we have added not only supporting of the new family, but also reworked already existing implementations. And finally, we have created important way for implementing new designs. Follow us, we are changing the usual.

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