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The real-time object-oriented operating kernel is written in C++ programming language for small embedded systems.

PHP DOM Builder

The library is written in PHP programming language for generating valid HTML documents and operating those.

Baigudin Software successfully starts in Kaspersky Start program

Baigudin Software has been successfully started in Kaspersky Start program by Kaspersky Lab and performs the BOOS Core operating kernel to it.

PHP DOM Builder is unveiled in second revision

Date: 2016.07.01

In 2014 year PHP DOM Builder library was unveiled at the first time within the framework of Baigudin Software project. Two years have been left after that moment and today we are glad to offer the second generation that is PHP DOM Builder Revision 2.

What PHP DOM Builder is

Today's world looks to standardization of many areas and Internet is not an exception. World Wide Web Consortium is the main international standards organization that standardizes the Hypertext Markup Language, and PHP DOM Builder library serves to generate valid HTML documents and also provides some methods for analyzing and modifying web-documents while those are being generated.

Why PHP DOM Builder

A valid web-document is a strong foundation for correctly displaying of that by any browsers, any devices which are controlled by any operation systems, and PHP DOM Builder generates those valid documents. Along with this, the library can change a type of generating document at any instant to three available types: XHTML 1.0, HTML 4.01, and HTML 5.

Other considerable feature of the library is that provides a powerful collection of methods for modifying created document or some parts of those structures. We have introduced Mobile Mode notion of web-sites for our developments, and PHP DOM Builder successfully implements this task. Generated document is inputted to a mobile device analyzer block and specialized for the device if specialization is needed. Similarly, some developers, who will use the library, can improve architecture of his software and determine well-defined logical relationships between programming modules which compose a web-document.

In present world, a data transfer speed grows up every year, and we thought that what would be if we lowered data sizes of web-pages. PHP DOM Builder library can do it and generates documents in compressed mode and does it faster as in decompressed mode. The compressed document sizes are less than the decompressed documents to 30% in average.

Web-forms are an important instrument for creating interactive user interfaces, call back forms, data loaders, and simply for people conversations. PHP DOM Builder library is able to create input fields of those forms and controls and checks gotten user data from those. It is valuable and powerful functions which save an integrity and availability of any Internet resources.

Actual Internet is not a local network it is World Wide Web, and Multi-language mode of PHP DOM Builder is convenient tool for creating multi-language Internet resources, because one document can be able to include data of many languages.

Why PHP DOM Builder needs the second revision

An idea about development of similar library was born in 2011 year like a tool for auto-generation of HTML markup, and the first program package was made in 2013 that has been operating for today in some commercial resources. But the each new iteration has incompatible API changes and it was difficult to port it. The second revision of PHP DOM Builder firstly is strictly defined application programming interface and secondly is an improved, reorganized, and revised architecture of some modules. Thus, the second revision is an important step for future effective enhancement and maintenance.

PHP DOM Builder is the library that is used by our web site, and we are sure that will be useful for your projects too.

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