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BOOS Core API 2.2


— class

abstract class

— abstract class


— interface

global namespace
classMainUser main class is program entry point.
classObject<Alloc>Root class of the system class hierarchy.
namespace core
classAllocatorSystem memory allocator.
classInterruptHardware interrupt resource.
abstract classInterruptTaskSkeleton interrupt task class with default settings.
classMutexMutex semaphore class.
classObject<Alloc>Root class of the core namespace class hierarchy.
classSemaphoreSemaphore class.
classSynchronizerOne program synchronization for executing in several processor units.
classSystemSystem class of the kernel.
classThreadThread class.
abstract classThreadTaskSkeleton thread task class with default settings.
classTimerHardware timer resource.
classTimerInterruptHardware timer interrupt resource.
namespace util
abstract classAbstractBuffer<Type,Alloc>Abstract class for some buffers.
abstract classAbstractLinkedList<Type,Alloc>Abstract class for sequential accessing to data store.
classAlign<Type,SIZEOF,Alloc>Alignment of simple types to byte boundary of memory.
classAllocatorMemory allocator for utility library.
classBuffer<Type,COUNT,Alloc>Buffer class in static and dynamic specializations.
classCircularList<Type,Alloc>Circular doubly linked list.
classHeapHeap memory.
classLinkedList<Type,Alloc>Doubly linked list.
classLinkedNode<Type,Alloc>Element for linked lists.
classMemoryClass of static methods to manipulate memory.
classObject<Alloc>Root class of the util namespace class hierarchy.
classToggle<Alloc>Toggle of toggle interface.
namespace api
interfaceCollection<Type>The root interface of some collections.
interfaceHeapHeap memory interface.
interfaceIllegalValue<Type>Illegal value interface.
interfaceInterruptHardware interrupt interface.
interfaceIterable<Type>Iterable interface.
interfaceIterator<Type>Iterator interface.
interfaceList<Type>List interface.
interfaceListIterator<Type>List iterator interface.
interfaceMutexMutex semaphore interface.
interfaceObjectRoot interface of the system class hierarchy.
interfaceQueue<Type>Queue interface.
interfaceResourceResource interface.
interfaceSemaphoreSemaphore interface.
interfaceStack<Type>Stack interface.
interfaceSynchronizableOne program synchronization for executing in several processor units.
interfaceTaskTask interface.
interfaceTimerHardware timer resource interface.
interfaceToggleToggle interface of some controllers.