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Why BOOS Core

Developing software usually has certain stages set of careful elaboration, which starts from a requirements specification and ends with an implementation of developed solution. These stages will become more fateful when software is being developed for embedded systems, because those stages will have to consider software and hardware components simultaneously. BOOS Core solution allows keeping the considered components and minimizes costs of solutions at all stages.

Hardware independent application program interface

An important factor, while embedded software is being developed, is executing environment, which is hardware, working conditions, and inherent reliability. Hardware independent application program interface of BOOS Core allows minimizing overhead costs associated with software reworks if hardware environment is changed by changing one or several of these factors.

Entirely independent implementation

Other aspect, which is also important while programs are being developed, is requirement of functional characteristics. The BOOS Core operating kernel is entirely independent of any other software solutions. This fact gives maximum stability for functional of application programs.

Implemented in C++ programming language

Selection of programming language is primary part in enunciating problem. BOOS Core is written in C++ programming language and fully corresponding to the language standards. These factors give unique possibility not only to write new programs, but also to use implemented designs.

Fast start for your designs

Significant factor of software developing is time of developing. The BOOS Core operating kernel initializes processor units and all program data which must be initialized. Thus, it helps to be focused on main algorithms only and reduces the overall period of software solution release.

Minimal time for debugging and implementing

Any developments of software implicate debugs. BOOS Core has strong modularity and elaborated set of including header files. These aspects reduce compilation and debug time, and positively affect on time of products implementing eventually.

Effective maintenance of developed solutions

Implemented program solution requires effective maintenance and capabilities to be enhanced. Using the BOOS Core operating kernel for implementing software solutions of embedded systems, you get effective and flexible functionality for supporting developed programs, and also will be able to port these software to other hardware easily.

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