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PHP DOM Builder API 2.0

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PHP DOM Builder

PHP DOM Builder in examples

PHP DOM Builder is a library for generating valid HTML documents and operating those. The library provides friendly application programming interface for changing document type, finding tags by attributes and those values, and also includes methods for parsing web forms.

Download and support


Setup and include

Namespaces in hierarchy of files and classes. The library including by autoloader or directly.

Сonfiguration and settings

The library settings for your needs. Settings description. Primary class for working with the library.

Beginning of work

HTML document creating. Basic concept of work with methods for elements creating.

DOM tree traversal

Sequential traversal of document. New elements adding.

Elements fetching

Elements fetching by using its names, identifiers, class names, or attribute values.

Elements finding

Selectors. Elements finding and filtering by query criteria.

Elements copying

Creating new branches of tree by using branches which already exist. Remove elements.

Work with fields of web form

Web form creating. Fields setting. Implementation example.

Optimization of source code

Elements fetching optimization. Indexing.

Multi-language mode

Document generation in determined language.