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PHP DOM Builder API 2.0

BOOS Core is released as version 2.1

The new release of BOOS Core has gotten ARM architecture with instruction set version 5, some independent algorithms of any compilers, root interface for all interfaces, and many tiny aspects, which were implemented in it.

Сonfiguration and settings

Element is the root and primary class of the library class hierarchy. It has methods for setting the library. So, before using the library, the best way is to define next settings:

use DomBuilder\Element as Element;
// Document type
// Document compress flag
// Document language 
// Print error flag

Document typesetting

The library supports three types of document: XHTML 1.0, HTML 4.01, and HTML 5. By default the, XHTML 1.0 document type is set. We recommend  you to execute these settings for correct generating of HTML markup when future updating is occurred.

Document compress flag setting

HTML markup can be generated in compressed or decompressed mode. It depends on specified document compress flag. For release project, we advise to set it in true. It gives you a possibility to decrease sent document size by server and discharges it. Debug project should generate a markup in decompressed mode, because you can evaluate a result of what your program has made. By default, this flag is set to compressed mode.

Document language Setting

The library supports a multi-language mode. Given setting sets the primary language for the HTML document and is used for generating error strings. By default, English language is set. You can look for a valid value for the method in official documentation on HTML markup.

Print error flag Setting

Error string messages will be outputted in error conditions if this flag is set. By default, the flag is set.

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