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The real-time object-oriented operating kernel is written in C++ programming language for small embedded systems.

PHP DOM Builder

The library is written in PHP programming language for generating valid HTML documents and operating those.

Baigudin Software is unveiled in global edition

Baigudin Software project has been unveiled in English global edition and it always accessed by

Mutually beneficial cooperation

Dear Company!

My name is Sergey Baigudin and I will not take much of your time by this offer. I am a founder and general director of Baigudin Software project, which was founded in 2013 year and exclusively represents own software solutions for system and application programming. I have been working in sphere of embedded systems since 2004 year and, in 2015, successfully unveiled BOOS Core, which is an operating core, within the framework of the project for some families of embedded processors and microcontrollers.

A lot of my colleagues and I may have faced difficulties of compatibility and reconsidered some implemented software for embedded systems when hardware environment had been changed. Often, when operating systems, which were being offered by software market, had demanded many hardware resources, we must have forcedly expanded our systems. If we had even chosen a tradable system, some questions about additional software libraries choosing and flexibility of those for possible changes might have been relevantly for us. Thus, these problems motivated me to design own operating core.

The result of my work is BOOS Core, which is operating core for embedded systems. The core has gotten features, which allow minimizing valued resources for porting programs if hardware environment is changed. It is elaborately designed for executing in processors with limited resources and includes own software libraries, which exclude any necessity for choosing external additional software. Thus, BOOS Core is flexible and entirely independent software product, which appeals to standardize processes of embedded software applications developing.

I strive for composing an incredible product and suppose BOOS Core may be this product. I am completely ready to lead a business for developing and adapting BOOS Core for new embedded processors, controlling the quality, documenting all implemented solutions, and supporting customers by technical service within a partnership of your Company and Baigudin Software. I am confident, with your financial and hardware supporting, we can introduce our product for embedded software developers of the world in a new light, show that BOOS Core allows to keep much time for implementing high-quality software for processors and microcontrollers, and also reinforce both yours and ours positions in software market for embedded systems.

BOOS Core has been successfully implemented and represented for some families of embedded hardware and is being productively adapted for new products. You always make sure of our software solution quality, find more detailed information, and free download BOOS Core release in the web site.

Contact us at any time, and thank you for your attention!


Sergey Baigudin