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The real-time object-oriented operating kernel is written in C++ programming language for small embedded systems.

PHP DOM Builder

The library is written in PHP programming language for generating valid HTML documents and operating those.

BOOS Core for Texas Instruments AM18x ARM Microprocessors family is released

Baigudin Software project has represented the BOOS Core operating kernel for AM18x ARM Microprocessors family of Texas Instruments Company.

BOOS Core is unveiled in second revision

Date: 2016.06.10

Today, BOOS Core Revision 2 has been successfully unveiled within the framework of Baigudin Software project. In comparison with the first revision, the second has gotten considerable improvements. It saves the best features of previous realization and gets the new logical continuation. Thus, all extensions of the core have been reorganized and revised; the back-end architecture has been improved; all logical relationships between programming modules have gotten crisp logic relations. All of these give new scopes for future effective maintenance and enhancement, but the most important is that we have decreased an affect of some internal hardware and software implementations to user interface.

The following list describes the most significant updates of the second revision.

  • All high-level algorithms are written in C++ programming language (ISO/IEC 14882:1998 standard) with using object-oriented approach.
  • Legal phrases of C++ language and interaction between those are used.
  • Assembler source codes were decreased, that allows diminishing overheads when hardware chips are changed.
  • Source codes of the core do not depend on any other libraries and use only procedures for standard C++ language operators.
  • All interface header files are allocated in a single directory and gotten a .hpp file extension.
  • All methods of the user interface are using only signed variable types.
  • All settings of the core are defined in one configuration file.
  • The core has internal methods for operating of self heap memory and does not depend on global new and delete operators.
  • The core includes a template root Object class, that implements the methods for allocating heap memory and controlling states of some objects.
  • The core does not use exceptions of C++ programming language it bases on controlling methods of system objects.
  • The utilities library is built by using template classes.
  • All interfaces are declared in one namespace
  • The scheduler of tasks is entirely revised.
  • The save and restore context time of external hardware interrupts is grown down on 29% in comparison with the first revision.
  • The inhibition of a task context changing uses hardware layer.
  • The core operating time is calculated by basing on hardware resources and does not depend on the scheduler.

We have had a hard work and the result is BOOS Core Revision 2 that has been made better, more flexible, and more performing. As the first revision, the second has been built for TMS320C6416T Digital Signal Processor of Texas Instruments Incorporated with using TMS320C6000 Optimizing C/C++ Compiler v 6.0 and Code Composer Studio IDE.

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