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PHP DOM Builder API 2.0

Baigudin Software registers the copyright of its own operating system – Embedded Object Operating System

The Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent) registers the copyright of Embedded Object Operating System – Baigudin Software’s own embedded object-oriented real-time operating system.

PHP DOM Builder API 2.0


— class

abstract class

— abstract class


— interface

namespace DomBuilder
abstract classElementMain class for Document Object Model operating.
namespace DomBuilder\Api
interfaceAttributeElements attributes access declaration.
interfaceBuilderElements tree builder access declaration.
interfaceFetchElements fetch by properties access declaration.
interfaceFieldForm field elements access declaration.
interfaceObjectElements common access declaration.
interfacePropertyElements properties access declaration.
interfaceSearchElements search by query access declaration.
interfaceTesterElements properties tester access declaration.
interfaceTraverseElements tree traversal access declaration.
namespace DomBuilder\Core
abstract classElementSingular element container.
classElementListElements list container.
namespace DomBuilder\Core\Element
abstract classDoubleElement container corresponds to double HTML tag.
abstract classDoubleBlockElement container corresponds to double block HTML tag.
abstract classDoubleInlineElement container corresponds to double inline HTML tag.
abstract classFieldElement container corresponds to HTML tags of web form fields.
classRootRoot element container.
abstract classSingleElement container corresponds to single HTML tag.
namespace DomBuilder\Element
classAa – hyperlink.
classAbbrabbr – abbreviation.
classAddressaddress – contact information.
classAreaarea – image-map hyperlink.
classArticlearticle – article.
classAsideaside – tangential content.
classAudioaudio – audio stream.
classBb – offset text conventionally styled in bold.
classBasebase – base URL.
classBdibdi – BiDi isolate.
classBdobdo – BiDi override.
classBlockquoteblockquote – block quotation.
classBodybody – document body.
classBrbr – line break.
classButtonbutton – button.
classCanvascanvas – canvas for dynamic graphics.
classCaptioncaption – table title.
classCitecite – cited title of a work.
classCodecode – code fragment.
classColcol – table column.
classColgroupcolgroup – table column group.
classCommandcommand – command.
classDatalistdatalist – predefined options for other controls.
classDddd – description or value.
classDeldel – deleted text.
classDetailsdetails – control for additional on-demand information.
classDfndfn – defining instance.
classDivdiv – generic flow container.
classDldl – description list.
classDtdt – term or name.
classEmem – emphatic stress.
classEmbedembed – integration point for plugins.
classFieldsetfieldset – set of related form controls.
classFigcaptionfigcaption – figure caption.
classFigurefigure – figure with optional caption.
classFooterfooter – footer.
classFormform – user-submittable form.
classH1h1 – heading.
classH2h2 – heading.
classH3h3 – heading.
classH4h4 – heading.
classH5h5 – heading.
classH6h6 – heading.
classHeadhead – document metadata container.
classHeaderheader – header.
classHgrouphgroup – heading group.
classHrhr – thematic break.
classHtmlhtml – root element.
classIi – offset text conventionally styled in italic.
classIframeiframe – nested browsing context (inline frame).
classImgimg – image.
abstract classInputinput – input control.
classInsins – inserted text.
classKbdkbd – user input.
classKeygenkeygen – key-pair generator/input control.
classLabellabel – caption for a form control.
classLegendlegend – title or explanatory caption.
classLili – list item.
classLinklink – inter-document relationship metadata.
classMapmap – image-map definition.
classMarkmark – marked (highlighted) text.
classMenumenu – list of commands.
classMetameta – metadata.
classMetermeter – scalar gauge.
classNavnav – group of navigational links.
classNoscriptnoscript – fallback content for script.
classObjectobject – generic external content.
classOlol – ordered list.
classOptgroupoptgroup – group of options.
classOptionoption – option.
classOutputoutput – result of a calculation in a form.
classPp – paragraph.
classParamparam – initialization parameters for plugins.
classPrepre – preformatted text.
classProgressprogress – progress indicator.
classQq – quoted text.
classRprp – ruby parenthesis.
classRtrt – ruby text.
classRubyruby – ruby annotation.
classSs – struck text.
classSampsamp – (sample) output.
classScriptscript – embedded script.
classSectionsection – section.
classSelectselect – option-selection form control.
classSmallsmall – small print.
classSourcesource – media source.
classSpanspan – generic span.
classStrongstrong – strong importance.
classStylestyle – style (presentation) information.
classSubsub – subscript.
classSummarysummary – summary, caption, or legend for a details control.
classSupsup – superscript.
classTabletable – table.
classTbodytbody – table row group.
classTdtd – table cell.
classTextareatextarea – text input area.
classTfoottfoot – table footer row group.
classThth – table header cell.
classTheadthead – table heading group.
classTimetime – date and/or time.
classTitletitle – document title.
classTrtr – table row.
classTracktrack – supplementary media track.
classUu – offset text conventionally styled with an underline.
classUlul – unordered list.
classVariablevar – variable or placeholder text.
classVideovideo – video.
classWbrwbr – line-break opportunity.
namespace DomBuilder\Element\Input
classButtoninput type=button – button.
classCheckboxinput type=checkbox – checkbox.
classFileinput type=file – file upload control.
classHiddeninput type=hidden – hidden input control.
classImageinput type=image – image-coordinates input control.
classPasswordinput type=password – password-input field
classRadioinput type=radio – radio button.
classResetinput type=reset – reset button.
classSubmitinput type=submit – submit button.
classTextinput type=text – text-input.
namespace DomBuilder\Element\Node
classBlockBlock element.
classIeCondition for Internet Explorer.
classNoindexNoindex element.
classTextText string element.