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PHP DOM Builder API 2.0

BOOS Core for Texas Instruments AM18x ARM Microprocessors family is released

Baigudin Software project has represented the BOOS Core operating kernel for AM18x ARM Microprocessors family of Texas Instruments Company.

Class «DomBuilder\Core\ElementList»

Elements list container.

  • class Core\ElementList

All implemented interfaces:

Object Builder Property Attribute Traverse Fetch Search Tester

public static bool isSelf(object $node);

Tests if given object is this class or has this class as one of its parents.

object $node — tested object.

bool — true if given object is this class or child class of this class.

public ElementList push(Element|ElementList $node);

Pushs element or elements list into this list.

Element|ElementList $node — one element or elements list.

ElementList — this list.

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