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The real-time object-oriented operating kernel is written in C++ programming language for small embedded systems.

PHP DOM Builder

The library is written in PHP programming language for generating valid HTML documents and operating those.

BOOS Core is unveiled in second revision

BOOS Core Revision 2 has been successfully unveiled within the framework of Baigudin Software project. In comparison with the first revision, the second has gotten considerable improvements. It saves the best features of previous realization and gets the new logical continuation.

Baigudin Software participates in OS DAY 2017 conference

Date: 2017.05.27

A fourth scientific-practical conference OS DAY has taken place in Moscow on May 23rd and 24th, which attracted national developers and customers of operating systems. This is really strong project, which aims to ambitious goals for all of us – determine a mission of Russia in developing sphere of operating systems. We thank the organizers for provided opportunity for us to participate in this event and also we want to thank all speakers for actual themes of their speeches. We hope that such conferences will have constant trend and help all participants to be developing in the right way.

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